The Greatest Dynamic

April 16, 2017

The Journey of Power continues. We are in for the adventure of our lives.  Don't just read this article but also go back and read the previous ones as well.  


This week we learn about the first and most powerful subconscious dynamic.  This should be read in conjunction with the first article in this series.   Learning about the subconscious mind just to get ideas and achieve prosperity, success and wealth is not the aim of this series of articles.  There are many great books and teachers out there which you can search out for and read.  This series of articles on power dynamics is about much more than that.


We are entering a new era in the human journey.  The time for level one consciousness is coming to an end. Using only our brains and the subconscious mind at certain times and only by a few people is inadequate.  What is even more unproductive is using these mechanisms in an un-awakened state.  


The time for level one consciousness is over for this world.  Whether we like it or not we are at a juncture in human history where we have to decide between two roads.  Which one do we take?  One is a highway to true human existence, purpose  and actuality and the other one is a winding back road of bends, hardship, slavery, drowsiness, steep drops and ravines.  You get the picture.


I don't know about you but I am not going to live and accept a world of sickness, disease, crime, war, hunger, bullshit, stupidity, half awake, programmed consciousness.  I said in the last article that this post is going to be jaw dropping. It is meant to be confrontational and awakening. If someone was walking across the street in front of a bus oblivi