Ignite Your Subconscious

April 30, 2017

Ignite your subconscious with these 3 powerful manifestation principles from the bible.



  1. Thought Manifests Reality

In the Gospel of John, in my personal paraphrase and shortened version, it is claimed that the word made and created everything that exists.  But the implication and meaning is that it was more than a word.  It was an Idea, a Thought, an Expression, a Command.


The word used here is Logos. It is to be differentiated from the greek word rhema, which refers to an utterance or saying. It is the thought, idea or command that made all things.   A better way of saying it would be that the Thought, Idea, or Command created or manifested all things.


This is where it gets juicy, interesting and thought-provoking.  I venture to say that if you have read the bible, even in a cursory way, that you will not have come across the words manifest or manifestation.


But I say read it again in a fresh way.  Let’s have a quick go at it.  In the beginning Thought manifested all things.   All things were manifested through thought.


Everything that came into existence came by an Idea, Thought or Mental Expression.