Words of Power

June 28, 2017

This is the ninth week in our Ten Weeks of Power adventure. 


I keep repeating this at the beginning of new posts but if you haven't read the previous posts then I strongly encourage you to do so.  


I especially urge you to read the first two posts in this Ten Week's of Power journey that we have begun.


What is the one thing that this world needs more than anything else?


 It is Awakening. 


I am not talking about some fairy floss, fluffy, feel good stuff.


I am talking about hard core, ice cold water in your face Awakening that liberates and invigorates and most importantly restores your full existential potential and experience.   


I will have more to say on this in next week's inspiring and provocative post.


But for now, after you have read this post please go and read the first two if you haven't done so already. 


This week we are continuing from last week's workment on unleashing the words of power in our creation and manifestation process.