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The Power of Awakening

Welcome to the final week in our 10 Weeks of Power adventure.

But it's really just the introduction and beginning of the greatest adventure of our lives.   

As I said in one of the previous week's posts this is not about wealth creation, positive thinking or even just the Law of Attraction or manifestation, it is about the greatest single avocation that any human being will ever experience in their lives.

There is no greater or more beneficial gift or contribution that I could declare to the world.  I have no other thing to offer the world that is more important or that I feel more passionate about.

It is Awakening!

If you want to learn how to become rich or wealthy there are many great mentors and websites for that. If you want to live a strong and healthy life there are also great  sources for that. 

Even if you want to learn and experience the great laws of Attraction, Vibration and Manifestation there are brilliant mentors and sources of knowledge and inspiration for that too.  

But my greatest passion is to introduce the world to what I believe is it's greatest need and benefit.

Let me say it again.  And this Greatest need and benefit that could be offered to the world is Awakening. 

These 10 weeks are only the beginning of the greatest adventure that any person could ever experience.  

If you are religious or believe in any form of divine or supernatural I will show you that this may be one of the greatest gifts you possess at this time.

This means that what is said here should excite and inspire you.  

You are a creator.  You have the vast and immeasurable resources, power and energy  of the known universal existence and the yet unknown, undiscovered or undisclosed.

But you also have the unfathomable power, energy and resources of your triune divine self. 

You have the supplies and reservoirs of your mind, soul and spirit or supraconscious self. 

Your limitless and all powerful divine self is in union with the boundless and inexhaustible Universe, Mind or more accurately True Source. 

Welcome to the Awakening.  Welcome to a better world.

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