Don’t Stop!

March 28, 2018

Catch Your Breath!

But don’t stop!

One of the biggest reasons I believe most people don’t achieve their goals or that they give their goals a half hearted effort is because they don’t give their dreams & goals the fuel they need to make it past the crucial times of testing, frustration & most of all inertia.

To achieve goals requires dedication, focus, perseverance & energy on our part & the more so when we are trying to achieve really significant goals that are way beyond our comfort zone.

This is obvious otherwise everyone would be living & breathing their most cherished goals & dreams. But we know this is not the case, because only a very few go on to achieve their goals, no matter how far fetched or impossible they may appear to us or even to them in the initial stages.

To achieve a goal we must be focused & determined.

No worthy or significant goal is achieved without focus, determination & persistence.

To run on a level ground with nice soft grass beneath your feet & soft sunshine & gentle invigorating breeze on your face is easy, fun & enjoyable but when you approach & come up to a steep hill is when your resolve is tested.

This is where your dedication, fitness, stamina & energy will decide if you stop right then & there or keep going.

If you are one of the few who at the outset has decided that you will get to your goal no matter what tests, hardships or obstacles you come across then you will not only keep going but you will push even harder because that is what is required at this point.

Sometimes we come across obstacles or unforeseen tests that we have no previous experience, training or point of reference for.

But that is to be expected when we set out