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Race to Win!

Setting a goal is a great start. Not many people get to this stage. They never get to the starting blocks. You are in great company. You are in the company of a few people who dare to take a chance on their dream or their goal. You may be at a different point in your journey but at least you are in the race. And the prize at the end is going to be very rewarding. It is the achievement of your wish, your goal. Along the way you may have to slow down, look around & see how far you have come. It is good at every step of your journey to your goal to get refreshed & nourished with fresh inspiration & motivation for your mind, soul & spirit. To achieve any worthwhile goal or desire takes everything we’ve got & don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are on a great & worthwhile journey. You have everything inside you that you need to achieve your goal, and anything you need from the outside of you will be drawn to you at the right time & in the right way. Focus on your goal, get involved, learn all you can about achieving goals. But most importantly see the end result of your journey. See the prize, feel the prize, which is the achievement of your goal or desire. No matter where you are in your race to your goal or dream just keep going. Keep your eye on the end, the finish line. This reminds me of the great delight & inspiration I experience when I watch the top athletes in different sports achieve their goals. In particular the running or swimming races. I have also witnessed this watching horse races. There is a particular point in the race where I can almost feel the intangible secret or key to their success. You may have seen this where a group of runners or horses line up at the starting blocks or gates. Then whoosh, they take off. Depending on the length of the race they may take off at a faster or slower pace. But they pretty well keep close together & keep pacing each other. The leaders of the pack keep changing as the race is progressing but they are all pretty close together with no apparent leader at this stage. The race is anyone’s pretty well at this stage until..... they come around the corner, around the bend and then one or two of them blast off from the pack..... you can almost feel their heart energy, you can almost feel their triumphant spirit as you are watching them on tv. It is almost as if their bodies are giving off an aura of that intangible quality, that invisible and elusive character & essence of a champion. They race away from the pack & they are like a human cyclone, dynamo or a tornado. What sets them apart? What is the spark, the fire that has lit their hearts, their souls & spirits at this stage of the race. Is it just their training, fitness & preparation up until this point or is it something else? What is the surge, the electricity, the energy that has been unleashed? This the key, the secret, the intangible quality that resides in a true champion. There is no accident in this victory. Many never enter the race, or cut the grade to make it to the starting blocks. The few that do, stay in the pack, but only one makes it to the finish line as a winner. Yes, but having a go is good enough. Trying, being part of the game is where the fun is. It doesn’t matter if you don’t come first. Second, third, fourth or just taking part is good enough. Listen, you may set the goal, you may stick with it for a while, you may persist almost right to the end but if you haven’t crossed the finish line, you haven’t won. Yes, I’ve learned many valuable lessons, I’ve scratched around like a hen, I’ve wasted a lot of valuable time but at least I tried. Listen again, you don’t win gold by trying and taking part in the race. You get the gold by winning. I want you to come around that corner like a champion. I want you to enter that last leg of the race, that last point in your journey to your goal with a champions heart. The runner, or the horse that wins the race had only one thing in mind, the finish line. Next time you watch the race, whether running, swimming or horse racing, keep an eye out for the sprinter. The one that breaks away from the pack. There is a champion’s heart residing in that runner, swimmer or horse. You have the heart of a champion. You have what it takes. If you’re reading this then I can tell you that a spirit of a winner, the soul of a champion resides in you. You are on my page. You have read this far. You are a winner. Your heart is filled with the fire & burning with the flames of ambition, zeal & commitment. You are a champion! I know it! Deep inside you know it too! 

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