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Goal Execution

I have had an interest or more precisely a passion in learning anything and everything to do with goals and success strategies since I can remember. The last few years have been devoted solely to goal achievement systems and strategies. In particular I have devoted time and study in what I like to refer to as goal execution mentoring. You may be forgiven for giving a blank or confused look when I mention goal execution coaching. Isn’t that the same as goals in general, you know - goal setting, goal achievement, action plans? Isn’t that what success and motivation speakers have been talking about for years? Five strategies to achieve your goal, ten step blueprint to reach your target on time, three action steps that will ensure that you are moving closer to your goal every day? Four strategies to get past the blocks and power on towards your objective? Well, yes and no. Setting a goal and actually achieving it are two different kettle of fish. There is a vast difference between setting a goal and the execution of that goal to completion. There are countless books written on goal strategies and achievement every year. And countless millions sold. And deservedly so. 

There are many great books, authors, speakers and marketers on this subject. But from my own experience and information gleaned from years of learning and study on this subject, it appears that a great chasm exists between setting a goal and actually executing that goal or plan to completion. Why is this? Setting and structuring a goal is a relatively simple part of the process, although a very important step to get right. Getting specific, putting the goal or plan in writing, creating an action plan, making adjustments along the way and so on. But even the best structured goals and plans can fail. This is evident from the disappointment and frustration experienced by individuals and businesses on a regular basis. The crucial and determinant component is the execution aspect of the goal or plan. I firmly believe that there is both an art and a science to successfully executing a plan or mission. Art, in that it involves expertise, ingenuity, inventiveness and aptitude. Science, as it involves a body of knowledge, information, skill, discipline and systematic operation. To set and execute a goal or plan, for an individual or business is the most important undertaking. 

This is because it may be the difference between status quo and stagnation or growth and expansion. It is the ability to seize vision and opportunity and turn it into growth and development. Execution is the game changer. It is both an art and a science. 

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