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The Bedrock of Superior Client Experience

In this article I will be discussing the primary pillar that is the foundation for exceptional client interaction & experience. I will be sharing insights & distinctions learnt from 18 years first hand experience in customer interaction & service, including the reading & study of literally hundreds of books in the field of performance, goal setting & achievement. Whether you work for a corporation, run a small business or are involved in any type of entrepreneurial venture I hope that you find the following insights very helpful & thought provoking. Let’s begin with this pillar of superior customer service. Results It is very important to establish the foundations for effective & consistent approach to client interaction & experience. And the foremost principle is having a structure & approach to customer service that is results driven. I am not talking about making the sale targets. I am not talking about achieving the corporate profit & productivity forecasts. I am not talking about you or your business metrics. I am talking about the customer. The customer is not in the least concerned about your profit results. The customer is not concerned about your business in any shape or form. That is not the customer’s concern. That is your concern. 

That is your responsibility & yours alone. The only results the customer is focused & preoccupied with during the interaction they are having with you or your organisation is their results. They are not in the least concerned how many prospects, sales or any number of targets or metrics you are trying to achieve today. That is none of their business. But the thing that every client does have, in every contact or interaction that occurs with you or your organisation is: 1. They are always aware that they are your business. Are you always aware of that? 2. They are always aware, whether consciously or unconsciously that their results are your results Are you always aware of that? If you haven’t met or exceeded their expectations today, then you haven’t met your expectations, objectives or targets today. Are you in the customer business? I hope everyone reading this answered with a resounding yes. We are all in the ‘customer’ business. It doesn’t matter what label you give your venture or enterprise, you are in the customer business. And that is your only business. Your product or products are tools of trade. 

Your brand is a tool of the trade.

Your metrics & technologies are tools of the trade. Your customer is your business. Your customer is your profit. Your customer is your mission. Your customer is your vision. Your customer & their results expectations are your only metrics. We know the skills that are indispensable for great customer service.

Listening. Empathy. Rapport. Focus. Being Non-judgmental. Seeking clarification or more information where required, just to name a few. These skills are essential in any client interaction. But they are only effective if the outcome or result that the client is seeking is achieved. You or your organisation may assist the client in clarifying the result that they are seeking but without a result that is client centric, a superior client experience is impossible to achieve.

Results. Results. Results. An outstanding, exceptional client interaction & experience is achieved by being obsessively results driven & focused in the following areas: Client contact - focussing on what results matter to the customer during the interaction Product - the results & objectives the client is seeking by using your product Technology - what will assist the customer to achieve the result from your product in the most satisfying, efficient & effective manner? The customer’s objective is your objective.

The customer’s goal is your goal. The customer’s mission whilst interacting with you & your business is your mission. The customer’s result metrics are your only metrics. The foundational principle for effective, consistent & superior client experience for your business, product & brand is results. Aggressive business goals? Ambitious profit targets?

Enviable retention rate? Focus on delivering consistent results for your customers in your service delivery & products. Image Credit:

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