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Jack Ostojic

Life Coach

Hi, my name is Jack
& I am your Goals Coach

About Elite Goals Coaching

The best way to get excited & empowered in any area of your life is to set exciting & powerful goals that can  take your life to a new level of passion & success.


Whatever situation you may be in right now, whether you are enjoying your life or facing difficult challenges, the great thing about goals is that they are always available to lift you & take you to new levels of achievement.


​Whether you want to improve your finances, job, career, health, family, relationships or business, goals can give you the compelling energy & drive to make exciting changes & improvement in all these areas!

You - Empowered!

You will be empowered in every area of your life to:

  • Find your own passion and compelling vision

  • Clarify and focus on your vision and goals that are aligned with what is important to you

  • Identify and change limiting beliefs so that you may charge forward with power and confidence towards your goals

  • Change life long paradigms and habits

  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem

  • Learn new life skills and strategies to embrace the great in your life and also better deal with any challenges and uncertainty in your life

  • I blend life coaching, NLP and the law of attraction to give you the best possible tools and strategies to achieve your goals and targets

Background & Qualifications

I have studied & researched self growth & development for many years, coupled with my rich & diverse life experience ranging from the good, the bad & the ugly.


I will bring my deep & extensive knowledge & life experience to help you with your challenges & uncertainties & to empower you to gain a compelling vision & passion for your life.



  • Certified Life Coach

  • Certified NLP Practitioner

  • Certified Master Law of Attraction Practitioner

  • Advanced Diploma in Business


Ready to try life coaching?

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What you get:


  • 30 Days Email Goal Coaching


Welcome pack consisting of:

  1. Life Satisfaction Assessment

  2. Goals Worksheet

  3. Motivation Quiz

  4. Action Plan

  5. Coaching Agreement including a

       Payment & Privacy Policy

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