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Mind Cleanse

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This article will help you get clear and focussed and propel and lift your life to levels and dimensions you may not have imagined.

The principles and methods described here will bring fresh insight and guidance to enable you to truly experience a rewarding and fulfilled life in the twenty-first century.

To stay fresh and inspired in this hectic and frenzied world requires unique and surprising mind shifts.

We have a choice doing what we have been doing up until now, or we can stop, reflect and choose a more powerful and fulfilling path. I say powerful, because the current path that most humans are treading is anything but powerful and satisfying. If anything, it is ineffectual and limiting. So if you are ready, let's begin the journey.

Most people are tired and exhausted and devoid of any inspiration and motivation. I say most because it may not apply to all of us, but I believe that we can all benefit from a refreshing pit stop along this life's journey. If you are at the beginning of this journey, half point or somewhere further along the path, we can all benefit by stopping, resting and reflecting for a short time.

It all starts with the mind. I am sure you have read or heard about the importance of the mind, positiive thinking, spiritual growth, law of attraction and so on. Even though I have read books, watched videos and atended seminars on these subjects and the benefit of life experience, it is the ideas described here that I have most embraced and reflected upon. They are from a lifetime of study and reflection. I am for one glad to have jumped off the rat race wheel and it is so refreshing and exhilarating.

The following steps will guide you to step off the rat race wheel and cleanse the mind off all the teachings, half-truths, lies, social opinons and dogmas that have filled this world.

Stop, Think and Reflect

I believe one of the most effective things we can all do right now is to stop and reflect. If you stop and think about it, most of the society is on auto pilot. They are thinking on auto pilot, working on auto pilot, every area of life seems to be experienced on auto pilot. And the worst part is, the thinking is not really done by the people themselves. It is spoon fed by the modern media, in which ever shape or form it is embodied. Of course, this is not a new phenomenom, this has been the experience of majority of the world's population since humans have been living on this planet.

Now we will go through the different mind clearing steps to achieve optimum clarity and focus. Some of these ideas may be a bit different to what you have read or heard before.

Mind Cleanse

1. Information and Media

A good place to always start with a mind cleanse and mind clearing is to have a pleasant break from all the entrapments of modern media. I have read many, many times where people promote and suggest to stop watching the television and other media forms, or at least to cut back drastically. They encourage this action to be taken not just with television, but with all forms of modern media, whether radio, internet, computers, videos and movies to just name a few.

The problem with this approach is that it is impractical, undesirable and unappealing to most people.

And rightly so. Why shouldn't we be able to enjoy and experience everything life has to offer, whether it be an enjoyment of a natural phenomenom such as a sunset, or a modern miracle of human creativity such as television, radio, internet, video, newspaper or books, digital or otherwise.

The Principle of Replacement

The aim is not to have a break from or a separation from these media forms but to slowly change the content and pattern of information we are exposed to. Some things are good to cut drastically from our media diet. They may not be bad in themselves, but what we are trying to achieve is a pattern interruption.

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For example, there is nothing wrong with watching some reality TV or our favorite crime drama. But for most people this is an obsessive and addictive pattern. It's a bit like 'Oh, I have to watch this, because I am stressed out with work, family, life, the neighbour, the dog, the cat, the bills. I need an escape.' Well, there would be no need to be stressed out if they got off their backside and started to think for a change. Yes, think , really think. Not sitting day in and day out being told what to think.

Of course, I am not suggesting that this applies to everyone, only to the majority.

Replace some of the the news you obtain from established and corporate media with alternative and worldview media. An example of news coverage on major commercial networks is that it is mostly locally orientated with little or minimal international coverage. And what coverage we get is packaged in such a way that if you blink, it is gone. Sometimes it is good to switch to a national public broadcast news coverage. They too are far from perfect, but at least you will get some coverage of news that is about situations and people that live more than 100 miles from your front door.

Who decides what is news anyway. Definetely not the person sitting or lying slumped in front of their 'programming' box, I mean TV box. I hate when I get these slips of the tongue. What do you think is more informative and creative news - hearing and watching 25 seconds about a war somewhere in the world, and pictures of soldiers, tanks, bombs going off, refugees and displaced people. More often than not one side is portrayed as the victim and the other side as the aggressor. It just depends which part of the world you are watching this news from as to who will be portrayed as the victim or the aggressor.

Or would it be more informative and stimulating to get more than a 15 to 25 second news bite of the same story. This is where alternative news coverage comes into it's own. Instead of cutting the news altogether from our lives like some suggest, why not read and/or watch alternative news?

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Thanks to the internet you can get news that don't just tell you that this or that country just bombed the crap out of another country, but also some thought provoking ideas and opinions as to the real reasons why this war is happening. Your daily tv, radio or newspaper will feed you news about this war, that accident, this crime, that drug bust or this political scandal. We walk away with an idea or opinion as to who the good, evil, aggressive or innocent parties are. Did we come to this opinion independently and because we weighed up more than one argument? Would it be possible to come to such an independent opinion and conclusion in a 15 to 25 second news story slot?

Reality and Crime TV Shows

How can a favorite reality show or crime drama be replaced? It can be, some heavy withdrawal symptoms notwithstanding.

What is wrong with crime shows and dramas? Everything. For one thing they program us to believe that crime and police are 'just' a part and parcel of life. They instil in us the idea and concept that crime, drugs, robberies, murder are just a normal part of life. That's bullshit.

It's only 'normal' and 'part' of life because we are so accustomed to it. Hell, why shouldn't we be accustomed to it, we are shown and reminded of it almost every night for the rest of our lives unless we decide to stop watching and listening to this crap. What or who is to say that crime, drugs, war, hatred, sickness, disease and poverty are something that is 'just' part of life. I don't accept it and neither should you as a responsible citizen of this planet. Can you imagine a world without crime, war, drugs, sickness, disease and poverty? For most people, this is unthinkable. They are so accustomed and acclimatized to these concepts. It is all they know and believe the world should be like. It is time for a mind shift.

This is a special time we live in. We can either think of modern technology as overwhelming, intrusive and bewildering or we can see it as something that has arrived just at the right time. We are at the crossroads of civilization on this planet as we know it. We either embrace the technology with both arms and use it for the good of ourselves and humanity, or let someone else use it to make life on this earth more unbearable and enslaving than it currently is.

We can go and search for alternative news, entertainment, music and movies. There is so much available, and with a little discernment and selection, we can find information that is not only useful, productive but entertaining and appealing.

But the only way this can happen, is if we stop, think and reflect first. Majority of people are on auto pilot, with most of the thinking, actions and life choices pre-packaged, gift-wrapped and even spoon fed to people like little babies there sitting or lying on their lounge chairs. No wonder the majority of the human race is living like robots.

2. Negative People

Negative people can bring so much unnecessary stress, limitation and discomfort to our lives, that for any mind clearing or conscious elevation to occur we must give consideration and priority to this part of our lives. There are many good books, articles and internet sites and youtube videos that discuss dealing with negative and disempowering people.

Have you ever noticed that when you are in the presence of someone with high motivation, energy and enthusiasm that you're energy and motivation goes through the roof? Or if you are in a room and some disempowering person enters that the energy of that place diminishes. We are energy beings at the most fundemental level and we radiate energy all the time.

I will go a bit into this in the next chapter. There is much more to say about this but this will be covered in another article. In most cases, I find the best option is just to avoid negative and disempowering people. Our every interaction in this world is at an energy level. The best thing we can do for ourselves and for other people is to ensure that our own energy levels are raised and maintained at the most optimal level.

Coming back to the previous chapters discussion on media and modern technology, we can surround ourselves with the greatest and progressive minds on this planet through books, the internet, documentaries and the like.

For some stimulating and progressive ideas, read or watch material from people like David Icke, Jim Marrs, Randy Gage, Joe Vitale, Michael Tellinger.

Sometimes, we are just busy 'living' life that we are not aware of the people that we interact with on a daily basis. Sometimes we may get that uneasy and gnawing feeling that something is wrong without being aware of the reason. Most of the time, it can be the people we allow or tolerate in our lives. The old saying that we cannot stop a bird flying over our heads but we can stop it from making a nest on our heads. This goes not just for negative people, but also for stupid, inconsiderate, arrogant, bullies (yes, grown ups can be bullies just as much as kids).

The Law of Solitude

This is an important step. It means to take stock and shift our paradigms and start living life on a new level. It is pretty self explanatory. We need to find time for ourselves to really think, re-evaluate and reflect on everything. As mentioned earlier, most people are living on auto pilot. Every day is the same. Sleep, work, school, pay bills, shop, TV, entertainment. Nothing wrong with these things, the majority It's just part of being human., they say. Wake up! There is everything wrong with it.

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3. Fluid Energy

To truly cleanse our minds and our whole being it is necessary to cleanse and replenish our energy storehouse. Our bodies, minds and spirits are intricately woven together. They cannot be seperated.

If the body is not well, it affects our minds and spirits. If our minds are not well, due to stress or other maladies, then it affects our bodies and manifests itself in all kinds of sicknesses and diseases of the body. And the same goes for our spirits. If our spirits are exhausted and depleted, then we suffer in our bodies and our minds.

Let's get to something really exciting and mind blowing. You, me and every other person on this earth are energy beings at our most fundamental level. At our most basic core, we are quantas or units of energy. And so is everything else in the universe. What makes one 'object' different from all the other 'objects' of energy is the construct and formation of these 'quantas' of energy. So, we are energies interacting with other energies on a daily basis. One of the by products of this daily interaction is the impact that this has on our energy levels. This is very important to grasp, because it has far reaching implications. It may not only be one the major causes of stress and other related mental and psychological disorders, but also of every other imaginable sickness and disease. This is especially true as our pace of living, speed of information, knowledge and working accelarates at hypersonic levels.

I'm sure we've all appreciated the times we were fortunate enough to spend on the beach, walking along the ocean shore or perhaps in a peaceful, natural setting of a rainforest. Contrast that to spending eight or more hours working stuck between four walls in a concrete building in the city. Which setting is more liberating, refreshing and invigorating? That's a no brainer. Why is this so?

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We are first and foremost energy beings. This is not something I or anyone else has made up. Science proves it. Actually it goes much deeper than this, but this is not the time to elaborate on it. Suffice to say, we are powerful beings, with unlimited and boundless potential. The reason we are experiencing so much stress, sickness, disease, poverty and crime on this planet is because we don't understand the reality of our 'being' and 'nature'. I will say more about this in the following section.

So the purpose of this chapter is to get us to cleanse our energy. There are many ways, and you can research and study other methods, but for the purposes of our aim here let's focus on energy interaction and exchange. We feel alive when we are interacting, relating and connecting with similar and complementary energy sources. Why do we feel more alive and refreshed after we spend time at the beach or next to a river or creek than say in a concrete city jungle.

The answer is because up to 60% of our bodies are made up of water. We have much more in common on a molecular and energy level with water than we do say with a concrete building. The same goes for a beautiful forest, trees, plants, flowers and even soil. Our body, mind and spirit are intricatelly woven, they are one. Having said above that we are at the most basic level energy beings, which includes our bodies, then we can see how important it is that our interactions with this world should be empowering and energising. Unfortunately, most peoples interactions and experiences are draining, depleting and stressful, if not outright destructive.

This is a basic primer on this subject, and I encourage you to research and study this further. I hope this has whetted your appetite. By researching this yourself, it will become more personal and real, not to mention life enhancing beyond belief.

The Highest Mind - The Principle of the Supraconscious

Now we come to the most exciting part. The most essential and liberating part. You probably haven't read or heard about this before. I don't believe it is something that one will find in the next magazine, book, video, TV show or movie.

The reason I mentioned most people living their lives on auto pilot is because they are not aware of this life changing principle.

Read this carefully. It will change your life if you let it.

Most people on this earth are living on the conscious mind level, that is the base (basic) level of existence. In one of my previous posts, I went through the different parts and functions of the human mind. There is the conscious, subconscious and supra conscious level. Some beelive there is also the super consciousness or God consciousness, also refered to as the 'universal' mind, and depending who you listen to it is with this universal mind with which our subconscious and supraconscious mind can communicate with.

The reason we are experiencing this life and dimension on a very basic and destructive level is because we have not awakened to the reality of who we are. One of the most erroneous and destructive things done to us as a race is to label us as 'human beings'. When we think of human beings we either (more or less) think of ourselves as 'just human', either evolved from a blob or 'created' by some external being or force. Either way we think of ourselves as flesh and blood with a mind. Just a cursory study of history and today's events and we may end up doubting even the 'mind' part. So, for all practical purposes we are 'just' human.

We blame all the worlds' ills and our shortcomings on the fact that we are 'just' human. We have and still continue as a race of beings to excuse and tolerate so much crap simply due to the false 'truth' or 'knowledge' that we are just human, whether evolved or 'created'.

That is why the world has throughout the centuries and millenia experienced nothing but one sickness, disease and malady after another. Not to mention poverty, relentless wars, crime, stress, hatred and racism. We are a sick race. There is no other way to sugarcoat this.

Did you know that our subconscious mind never gets tired. Did you also know that it is unlimited in nature. Yes, limitless, boundless and endless. And the same with our spirit, which I like to refer to as the supraconscious mind.

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To truly refresh and cleanse our minds we must stop relying so much on our conscious mind. One of its very basic and only functiuons is to act as a decision maker and controller. A bit like the captain on the ship. He or she knows the destination to where the ship is eventually going to. The captain sets the course and makes the decisions along the way as to how best to react to obstacles or weather conditions.

The power engine of the ship is unseen. It is below deck. Same with us, we are trying to do things with our conscious minds for which it hasn't the full resources or power. No wonder there is so much stress, illness, disease and unrest in the world. As mentioned earlier, our subconsious and supraconscious minds never get tired, are limitless with power and ideas, understanding, perception and solutions.

The idea is to release the pressure off the brain and conscious mind and let the subconscious and supraconscious minds provide the idea generating power, resourcefulness and guidance. The only thing for us to do on a conscious level is to use the brain and conscious mind to filter and act on the promptings and intelligence from the subconscious and supraconscious (soul and spirit) minds. Remember the supraconscius and subconscious minds are part of us as much as our brain, legs, arms nose, eyes and other parts that make us 'us'. It is time to start living to our full potential and power.

You can refer to one of my previous posts on the human mind and also conduct further personal study and investigation on the subconscious and supraconscious or 'spirit' mind. You will find it extremely stimulating and refreshing.

References and credits for ideas and concepts in this article:

Bob Proctor

Bob Doyle

Dr Wayne Dyer

David Icke

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