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Self-made Success

Self-made man or woman is just that Self-made

True success is always self-made.

There is no such thing as a produced success. True and lasting success is always self-made. Other people may have been instrumental in that success up to a point but success is always self-made

We are either a self-made success or a non-success, one or the other

No one comes and looks us over and says I'm going to produce a successful man or woman out of you. That is not a success. That is a product. A true success is fashioned from the inside out.

Have an idea? Have a product? Have a vision, a dream? Have a goal?

It's up to you. You either grab it by the horns and run with it or someone else will

No one else is going to launch your idea or product. No one is going to give a damn about your dream or vision. No one can take the actions for you to make your goals come true. Only you can make your product, idea, dream, vision or goal success.

That goes for everything in life

No one is going to make you a great father or mother. No one is going to make you a great leader. No one is going to make you a great boss. No one is going to make you a great employee. Other people may play a part but only up to a point. You make the success. You write the success. You produce the results. No one else will or can do it for you.

Don't wait for someone else to push you, to inspire you, to help you. Push yourself, motivate yourself. Do whatever it takes. You & you alone make your success. Don't let anyone or any system make you a product or produce a so called success for you.

Decide that you will be a success. Decide what success you want to become. What does success mean to you? A successful parent? A successful teacher? A successful community contributor? A successful business owner? A successful Chief Executive? A successful political leader? A successful designer? A successful investor?

Decide to be a success

Then go and make your life a success, whatever form or forms that success chooses to express itself through

Don't wait for someone to push you, to motivate you

Push yourself. Every day. Some days it will be easier than others but push yourself no matter if it's a good day or a bad day

Decide to be a success. Then go and make yourself a success. There is self-made success or non-success. Those that experience success are the ones that make success happen. They are self-made success stories.


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