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The Success Gene

The power of the universe is released by word and thought

Words and Thoughts are interchangeable

Words and thoughts are the catalysts of the universal power source

Words are Thoughts expressed

Thoughts are Words unspoken

Both are one and the same

The power is not in the word

The power is in the Source

The Source is Consciousness

The power is in Consciousness

You are Consciousness

● Your word has power

● Because You are Consciousness

Reality springs from Consciousness

To create something is to be conscious of it

To bring something into reality is to be conscious of it

Potential reality resides in Consciousness

To collapse that potentiality into a specific reality requires conscious attention of that potential actuality

Thought and Word are the conscious awareness of that potential reality

Potential resides in Consciousness

Reality is created from Consciousness

Words and Thoughts are the seeds of Potential

Health is a potential

Wealth is a potential

Prosperity is a potential

Wholeness is a potential

Success is a potential

Abundance is a potential

They reside in Consciousness

Words and Thoughts are seeds of Consciousness

● Plant the seed of health

● The seed is Your word

● The seed is Your thought

Word and thought are interchangeable

They are One

Plant the seed of success

Plant the seed of wholeness

Plant the seed of health

Plant the seed of longevity

Plant the seed of prosperity

Words activate the power of Consciousness

You are Consciousness

Every potential is in Consciousness

Words and Thoughts

Bring Potential into Reality


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