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Upgrade your engine! Boost your productivity & profits! ▪️You are the engine of your business! ▪️Your people are the weapon of your company! Is your engine faltering? Is your engine jolting, sluggish & powerless? 🔹Boost your engine! 🔹Upgrade to superior fuel! 🔹Your company is only as lean, mean & profitable as you are! The power of your engine is inside you! The drive & energy of your business is your people! 🔸You plan with your mind! 🔸You execute with your gut! 🔸Your gut is your engine! 🔸Bring the vision, objectives & targets from your mind & put them in the furnace of your gut! 🔹Lift your mission & targets from the business plan & the board room 🔹throw them in the furnace! 🔹execute! 🔹deliver! 🔹with gut & intensity! Photo: 

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