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Powerful Mind Conditioning

A powerful way to condition your subconscious mind! Here it is! 🔸 Affirm daily everything good & positive that you want to experience in your life I’m big on goals & I’m big on affirming my goals every single day, but those aren’t the only affirmations I do ▫️ Here’s the key: Affirm everything good & positive you can think of All day! It’s called self-talk! I’m obsessive about my goals & targets, but with daily positive & energetic self-talk my health explodes with energy & vibrancy! My family & other relationships thrive & deepen! My confidence blasts through the roof! My creativity detonates! Powerful self-talk & affirmations also include gratitude & appreciation for every good that we now have & enjoy! ▫️ Affirm the best every day! Affirm excellence, quality, distinction & extravagance in all good things! You will begin to experience a new dimension of general well-being, confidence, vitality, bounce & enthusiasm! Think the best possible thoughts! Affirm the best possible for your life! ‘I enjoy excellent health’ ‘I have vibrant & positive friends’ ‘I am enjoying my family more & more’ ‘My personal & business finances are excellent’ ‘I feel great’ You will still get to your goal. ▫️But you will get there in great shape as well !! Photo: Pinterest 

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