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Ignite Your Subconscious

Ignite your subconscious with these 3 powerful manifestation principles from the bible.

  1. Thought Manifests Reality

In the Gospel of John, in my personal paraphrase and shortened version, it is claimed that the word made and created everything that exists. But the implication and meaning is that it was more than a word. It was an Idea, a Thought, an Expression, a Command.

The word used here is Logos. It is to be differentiated from the greek word rhema, which refers to an utterance or saying. It is the thought, idea or command that made all things. A better way of saying it would be that the Thought, Idea, or Command created or manifested all things.

This is where it gets juicy, interesting and thought-provoking. I venture to say that if you have read the bible, even in a cursory way, that you will not have come across the words manifest or manifestation.

But I say read it again in a fresh way. Let’s have a quick go at it. In the beginning Thought manifested all things. All things were manifested through thought.

Everything that came into existence came by an Idea, Thought or Mental Expression.

The word usually translated as created is egeneto. This word doesn’t mean made or created in the sense that it applies to human work. I made a pie or they built a bridge or a house. The word egeneto means to come into being, to happen, to manifest.

All things came into manifestation by thought, an idea, and an expression of a higher being and source. In this case, it was the expression of a thought, an idea of a divine being. But in our case, it is the expression of our higher being, our inner self, our supra consciousness.

Our thoughts create reality. As creator beings, we express our intentions through thoughts and ideas, which manifest into our physical world.

2. Visualization Produces the Manifestation

After you have a thought or an idea, what brings it to completion and physical expression? It is our word pictures or better known as visualization. Think of the word car. What popped up in your mind? Was it the letters c a r, or was it a picture of a certain vehicle including the make, model, style and maybe even the color. In our modern language and means of expressing ourselves we may write and spell our ideas, but as creators and manifestors we form and paint word pictures on the canvasses or screens of our minds.

In the letter to the Hebrews chapter 11 verse 3 it says that by faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, or that it was fitted together, brought into it’s proper condition. In the previous principle we learnt that our thoughts create or manifest our reality. In that instance the word for create was egeneto, but now the greek word used is katartizo, meaning to prepare, form and bring to completion.

In other words, it is to bring the thing into our physical reality.

It further means to adjust, properly fit, so that the thing that we are manifesting will be in good working order and fully functioning. That is why it is exciting to know that whilst we are visualizing our goal or objective, the thing that we are manifesting is being prepared, formed and properly fitted so that when it appears in our physical reality it is perfect.

Visualize. Visualize with feeling. Put yourself right in the center, play the starring role in your mind movie. Feel the sensations of the thing you are visualizing with all of your inner senses. Feel the refreshing ocean breeze on your face, feel the warm sunshine bathing your whole body, feel the gentle splashes of the water on your feet, feel the white sand between your toes.

It is important when we are visualizing with feeling that we should not concern ourselves with the how and means of manifesting our desire and intention, but only keep our inner eye on the end result. The adjusting, fitting and producing of our desire is taking place in the depths of our creation powerhouse called the subconscious and supra conscious minds.

3. The Substance of Manifestation

If thoughts manifest reality, and the manifestation of that reality is produced by visualization, then what is the substance or material that is used to produce that reality?

It is energy.

It is energy that our modern science has been able to so far understand. But there is another form of energy which so far has been undetectable or discovered by modern science. It may be inferred and detected indirectly, but not yet fully discovered and understood.

This energy would account not just for the building and manufacturing of our thought creations but also for the seemingly unexplained synchronicities and coordination of circumstances, situations and events that come together to bring our thoughts into reality.

In Hebrews chapter 11 verse 3 it states that ' By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God's command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen. ' (NLT).

Or another translation states ' By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible. ' (NASB)

Here is one of the most incredible truths that you will come across.

The materials for the things that you desire to manifest in your life already exist. The above statement from the bible does not say that the things we now see came from things that did not exist. It only says that they came from things that cannot be seen. It does not say that they did not exist.

They exist, but are not visible.

What are these materials that the things we wish to manifest are made up of? They are the subatomic particles, better known to us as atoms, electrons, neutrons, protons and so on. It is somewhat misleading to refer to them as materials of manifestation. When we speak of materials, we usually refer to physical matter such as bricks, concrete, glass, wood. But in reality the material used in manifestation is pure energy. At it's most basic level it is energy.

In the second principle above, we learned that the object of our manifestation is manufactured, produced or fitted together during our times of visualization. It is during our times of visualization, the time when we are picturing and envisioning the end result of our manifestation that the production process is taking place.

The process is not visible to us because the materials and circumstances used and formed during this process are not visible to us. The manifestation process may be taking place right in front of our eyes but we cannot see this taking place. This is why it is not important to know the how's and by what means our manifestation will take place.

As creators, our only concern should be to think the thoughts of our highest ideals and aspirations and then visualize and picture the end result. The production process is taking place at an unseen level and we are not to concern ourselves with that. We are definitely to cooperate at every step of this process through the intuitive hunches and urges that are given to us.

It is only inspired and intuitive action that is required from us and nothing more.

This is an exhilarating and refreshing change from the roll your sleeves up, work by the sweat of your brow, stressful life that billions of humans experience every single day.

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