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Go for the Impossible!

Do the impossible! Go for the impossible! Hunger for the impossible! Raise the bar! How do you turn your impossible dream, goal, target or objective into the possible? We don’t attempt the impossible because we think it’s not possible for us. Someone else looks at our impossible & laughs, shrugs their shoulders & goes right ahead & turns our impossible into their living, breathing reality. They turn their dream into a business. They turn their business into a dynasty. They turn their dynasty into a legacy. How do they do it? They think they ‘CAN’ do it! Look up in a dictionary & you will see impossible means ‘CAN’T DO’ Look up in a dictionary & you will see possible means ‘CAN DO’ When you think & say ‘I CAN’, you release the power, resources & potential of the ‘POSSIBLE’ As long as you keep thinking I CAN’T you will never release the juice, intensity & energy of the POSSIBLE. Say I CAN & see the resources & supplies of the POSSIBLE rush to meet you! And if the resources, supplies & assets of the world aren’t enough, then the POSSIBLE will draw the required resourcefulness out of you! Think I CAN Say I CAN Act like you CAN 🔹Your CAN DO releases the POSSIBLE 🔹 Your CAN DO turns the Impossible into 🔹 POSSIBLE Image: 

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