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The Greatest Step to Manifestation

This is the first step in our Ten Weeks of Power. This the most dynamic action that we are going to take in our journey to make this the most powerful year of our lives. What is this step? It is the step of Awakening, more to the point Personal Awakening.

You see there can only be one way for people on this earth to awaken and that is for each one

of us to experience it on a personal level. But more than that, for awakening to be real it must be practical. One thing that anyone who spends time in my presence realizes is that I hate bullshit. And if you are going to spend any time with me on this journey then prepare yourself to awake and liberate yourself of any and all bullshit that you may have unconsciously and unintentionally picked up from all kinds of sources throughout your life.

Let's get something clear from the beginning, I am not saying that anyone in particular has been intentionally going around and telling us lies, half truths and outright horse shit. But one thing is for sure, this world is full of bullshit. This place we call our home in our solar system may rightly be called Planet Bullshit. This first step in our journey of ten weeks of power is the most important one. It will help us awaken to the true reality of our being and assist us to dump all the garbage and junk that 99.99% of people are carrying around every day of their lives.

One thing we are going to keep foremost in mind on this journey is to keep it simple. Bullshit and nonsense loves complicated, convoluted and sophisticated ideas, systems and concepts.

What is Awakening?

To keep it simple and fairy floss free, awakening is the opposite human experience of everything that we have understood and experienced so far. That is the only thing it can be. It is not some celestial, ethereal and unearthly candy floss horse shit. It is real and practical if it is going to be of any use to us.

What is the opposite of being awake? It is being asleep, unaware, unconscious, ignorant and inattentive. This applies to about 99.99 of people on this planet right at this moment. Please understand that I am not saying that these people are stupid. To be unaware of something doesn't make someone stupid. The world is full of many intelligent, smart, bright people. Intelligent, yes, awake, no.

So if the world is full of people who are asleep, unconscious and ignorant, then what are they unaware and ignorant of? The answer is Everything. You see, you are either asleep or awake. If you are asleep, then you are unaware and unconscious of everything that is happening to the people around you who are awake. It is very sobering isn't it. There is so much that people are missing out on. I said we will keep it simple. So to put is simply, almost the whole world is asleep. What are they missing out on? Everything.

Steps to Awakening

I said earlier that we are going to keep things simple. I also said that bullshit and nonsense loves complicated, convoluted and sophisticated ideas and systems. You won't find that here.

So, how do you awaken?

Ready? Wake up !!!! It's that easy.

Some people are easier to awaken than others. Some need a gentle nudge, some a gentle shake, some need a loud noise to wake up, some need cold water poured over them. With some people it may not even be possible to awaken them. They will stay in bed all day, sleeping. With physical sleep this may not be a problem, because even the most useless, laziest person will eventually get up and live some sort of physical life.

The problem is on a more deeper level, let's call it spiritual or metaphysical level, the humans who refuse to wake up when the opportunity arises, will end up spending their whole lives asleep and eventually die not even knowing they were meant to be awake and alive.

Awaken to the Greatest Manifestation

Is awakening important to attracting and manifesting the best things in life? It definitely is! If you or I are one of the 99.99% of people who are asleep on this earth from birth to death, then chances are extremely high that you hate your job or career or at best tolerate it. The same may be said for a majority of people when it comes to a life partner and marriage, dating, friendships, material possessions, places we travel, car, home, spiritual beliefs or lack of.

All of these things and circumstances are either attracted or worked hard for whilst we are in a very deep, unconscious, unaware and ignorant sleep. We are like a person who is asleep and clutches at anything close to him or her, not knowing if that is what they really want or if it is harmful or not. Wouldn't it be better to make life choices, plans and decisions when fully awake and having all the life tools that are available to us, which is another blog post in itself.

Exercises: (only kidding)

Whenever I see exercises or action points in an article, book or blog I run like crazy. There is nothing wrong with these things, it's just that we've had enough exercises and tests in school. We are all adults now, even a child doesn't need tests and exercises, but that is another story altogether.

So I will just remind us of something that was asked at the beginning.

How do you awaken?

Ready? Here it comes!

Wake up !!!! It's that easy.

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