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Manifesting our Greatest Reality

This is the second week in our great journey to make this year the greatest year of our lives. The first week was all about awakening. I hope you realized how simple and easy it is. Something that had the whole world in a strong grip of coma and hibernation is finally lifted and we are set free. That's why we can look forward with enormous excitement and confidence to manifesting and experiencing the greatest reality.

New car, new house, new love partner, new career, clear debt, money in the bank, travel to places we always wanted to visit. We can all relate to these wishes and desires. I have these desires too. But my greatest desire has always been to break out of this non-reality, fantasy, illusion, delusion and what I like to call the ...

The Transposed Reality

There is a reality which has been exchanged for our true reality. It is not so much that it has been taken away from us but that it has been reversed, so that we are now living in what I like to call an Inverse Reality. The highest step we can take to manifest our greatest life is to learn and free ourselves from this delusion. My greatest manifestation has been the joy and freedom that has embraced my life since becoming awakened.

What does it mean to live in a Transposed and Inverse reality? It means that some quality, power and unique characteristic that belongs to us has been traded and exchanged with someone or something else. Now, usually a trade or an exchange is made to benefit both parties in the transaction, but in this case it has been solely a one party benefit. It is like the prince or princess born into royalty, but from a very young age brought up in the slums of town and not finding out about their true origins until much later in life. Except, in the case of humanity, this reality has been undisclosed for hundreds of thousands of years, if not millions of years.

The Displaced Royal

Every one of us is like the young royal who is walking the streets of his or her town or city, begging for food, or working for food (which in reality is the same thing), living day to day doing the same thing over and over, working for the next clothes or car to buy, bill to pay, place to travel to, not knowing that they are of royal blood, and that the town or city they work and live in is in reality their inheritance. Not only is the place they live and work their birthright but also the whole planet and the universe.

The Imitator

Some of us have probably heard or read at some point in our lives that we are spirit beings with a soul and body. Well, that is not much use to the 99.99% of humans on this planet who are living the complete opposite of this reality. That is why awakening is the first step to the greatest manifestation on this planet. It is the revealing and renewal of the human race to their true identity. That is why the next 8 weeks of our journey will be a blockbuster of an adventure. We will be peeling away the layers of illusion and fantasy and revealing the true nature of our being. Not just learning about it but experiencing the vast true reality to its greatest actualization.

The Sleeping Conscious

We are triune beings. Have you heard that term used before? I prefer to call it triunity. We are spirit, soul and body. If you take just one of these and dissect it in all its wonder and intricacy you will have a lifetime of joyful study and appreciation to experience. But of course there is more than just one aspect to our being.

All the levels of our being are as important and significant as the other. But not all are powerful as the others. This world operates on only one level. That is the conscious level. Simply, this is the level of basic awareness of ourselves and our environment and the present moment. This is the observatory and reactionary part of our being. The nearly whole population on a daily basis lives out of this one plane of existence. It is the same loop or rewind played out every day. There are instances, although rare, when the other two parts of our being seep through and suffuse our conscious being and seemingly brilliant, miraculous things are accomplished. But of course these are just a small fraction of the powers, including, mental and energetic, that are available to every one of us on a daily basis.

Why do we live in a world where sickness, disease, death, crime, work, violence, corruption, poverty, hatred and slavery and a myriad of other ills are the trade mark of this planet? Why aren't we living in a world where health, peace, goodness, unity, honesty, a long, long life, prosperity and wealth are the only things that we experience? We are so programmed and accustomed to all the shit that we have to put up with every day that all these good things seem impossibly out of reach.

And that is true, currently they are impossibly out of reach. World peace. No way. Eliminate poverty? No way. Eradicate disease? No way. Get rid of crime? No way. Sure, there are great people everyday who are doing their best to keep these things under some control, but eliminate and eradicate? How can we eliminate something with the same thinking tools and methods that caused the mess in the first place? Brain consciousness alone is never the answer.

But, is it possible? Definitely!

I don't think much more needs to be said on this subject. We are all living on a singular level of existence and that is why we have all the so called evil in the world. Do we have any chance to suppress or eliminate any of this evil in the world? No, none at all.

Is this all there is? Yes, this is our lot in the universe and we have to learn to cope with it.

Do we really just just have to learn to put up and cope with it?

Is there any hope?

Get off my Throne

It is time to take our rightful place in this life and in this universe. In the next 8 weeks we will continue our breathtaking journey to our astonishing life and potential. It is not really aiming for something or making something happen. It is peeling away the external fabrication and illusion.

It is unbuttoning the external suit to reveal the powerful being underneath. It's all upside down and inside out. We are looking for a hero or some other being to come with all these powers at their disposal. All this bountiful provision of power, energy, strength, wisdom, wealth and abundance is within us.

Get ready for a powerful adventure of renewal, manifestation, magnetism and astonishing power.

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