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The Attractor Point

This is the Third Week in our great journey to make this year the greatest ever. I hope you are enjoying this great adventure and living it every day. If you remember in our first week we discussed awakening. This was a powerful week, because it set the launching pad for the remaining weeks in this 10 week journey. But not just as a launching pad for these 10 weeks of power, but also for the duration of this amazing year.

This is one of the greatest years of our human story. Do you want to be part of the greatest adventure in human history? This is an epic turning point for this planet. It is an epic point for every individual on this planet. What is your response going to be in these tremendously exciting times? Time for trance- like hibernation and robotic living is over. But of course it doesn't apply to everybody. Some will awaken. There will always be people, and unfortunately in great numbers who will never awaken. The coma, lethargy and dullness of their consciousness has too strong a grip on them for them to begin to break free.

In the second week of our journey we discussed our great status, powers and abilities. We talked about the Transposed Reality and the exchange that took place at some point in human antiquity. We were left on the desolate streets fending for ourselves whilst some hitherto unknown impostor is sitting in our rightful place in our palace feasting on the best resources that this universe and our finest labors have to offer. But that will all soon be a past, a distant past.

This week is an exciting week. We will introduce the Reticular Activating System or RAS. It is a power point, an attractor point, a powerful tool in our universal and personal arsenal.

The Reticular Activating System

This will not be a detailed explanation of the Reticular Activating System (from here on also referred to as RAS). There are excellent books, articles and videos that explain it much better than I ever can. I encourage you to study this subject further, but just as we don't need to know everything about a car and it's systems to drive one, so we don't need to know everything about RAS to experience all its powers and capabilities.

In the same way also that we don't need to know everything about electricity to experience and enjoy all its benefits but only a power point and switch. In the same way allow this article to serve as a power point to the marvelous and wondrous benefits of the Reticular Activating System.

The whole purpose of these 10 weeks of Power and the rest of this exciting and adventurous year is to make the awakening and manifestation process practical and powerful.

The Reticular Activating System is a bundle of nerves located at the base of our brain. It has many marvelous and powerful functions but we will focus on the most relevant and exciting ones for our present journey.

It filters all the millions bits information that we are exposed to at every moment and alerts us to those bits of information that will benefit us.

It "affects what you pay attention to, how aroused you are, and what is not going to get access to all three pounds of your brain. For survival’s sake, your RAS responds to your name, anything that threatens your survival, and information that you need immediately. The RAS also responds to novelty. You notice anything new and different. 1

One of the best simple explanations is that it acts like an executive secretary to a CEO or Managing Director of a company. The secretary makes the decision who will see the CEO and who she or he thinks will be a waste of time or not important at this time. In this case the CEO is the subconscious mind and we will have more to say about this powerhouse of our being in the coming weeks.

The Reticular Activating System "is the attention centre of the brain. It provides the neural connections that are needed for the processing and learning of information, along with the ability to focus on a goal and its associated activities. The RAS can be viewed as the mental switch you must flip in order to 'turn on your brain'." 2

The RAS "determines what we consciously decide to give our attention to at any moment in time, while the remaining data gets filtered out and transferred to the unconscious parts of the brain." 3

It is"the part of the brain stem that acts as an ‘Automatic Goal Seeking device’!" 4

It sorts through your environment for information patterns that best match your beliefs or what you are familiar with. When it sees a match, your conscious mind is alerted. The RAS links your thoughts and feelings with similar things in your environment. 4

Sure, it also acts as the filter for our conscious mind, because it can only handle a very limited amount of sensory information at one time. It alerts the conscious mind, and the conscious mind does have a part to play. But we are not concerned at this time with the conscious mind and what it is capable of. We are concerned only with the powerhouses and dynamos of our true reality. Our conscious mind or brain consciousness should be used for the purposes and functions it is best suited for. Releasing tremendous amounts of power and energy is not one of those functions of the conscious mind.

It isn't the part of our being we should turn to or rely on for the power and intuition if we want to manifest the greatest personal or societal realities hitherto never experienced or even imagined. It is time to limit the focus on this over used consciousness, and experience the wonders and awe of a under utilised and developed human consciousness and reality. But of course, brain consciousness has it's part in the great human journey.

Of course, the Reticular Activating System and the subconscious mind are not something new that we have not heard about before. There are people who may have heard or been exposed to them, but of course, there are many on this planet who have not even heard about these concepts.

Of course, every human being on this planet is using their RAS and subconscious mind every single day, but in an un-awakened and consciousness comatosed state. That is why we have all the personal, family, societal, career, health, sickness, disease, war, poverty, drugs, crime and a myriad of other problems that can fill libraries of books if we wish to enumerate them all.

That is why in the next 7 remaining weeks of our 10 Weeks of Power we will explore and focus only on the most powerful, dynamic and energetic concepts and tools.

RAS up your life!

I am excited about the Reticular Activating System and similar concepts, because it makes attraction and manifestation a personal responsibility and reality. We have for too long given this very important task and function to other realities and beings, whether real or imagined.

Wouldn't you like to be able to make decisions, make goals and plans for your future, set desires and intentions and not have to rely on a third party or entity for it's fruition and actualization. I am not against people looking to another reality or entity for their guidance or manifestation of their goals and dreams. But it definitely is not for me.

Sure, the universe and beyond is enormous and so are the powers, energies and it's unified mind and laws. But relying on a third party, in most cases blindly and exclusively, is a relic of the un-awakened past and should be summarily discarded.

This is what was discussed in the second week of this great journey. It is the Transposed Reality and the idea that some quality, power and unique characteristic that belongs to us has been traded and exchanged with someone or something else. In this time of great and unique awakening it is important to take back our true identity and status. We don't need to rely so exclusively on some force, mind or entity which may or may not exist or be benevolent or reliable.

The Universe, Mind, Source, God, gods, Thought or whatever label we like to give these concepts or entities is fine, but may not be the most awakened, reliable, safe and unfailing way to live the happiest, most fulfilling and accomplished life.

That is why in the next few weeks we will flesh out and experience the unfailing and wondrous powers and capabilities of the Reticular Activating System. We will also learn about and experience other majestic and powerful realities of our true nature.

The journey of power, manifestation and true potential has just begun.

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