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Subconscious Dynamics

This week we reach the half way point in our 10 Week Journey of Power.

If you haven't read or applied the first 4 weeks powerful points then go back and read them and apply the power messages contained in them. We are entering the powerhouse end of the journey and you will not get the maximum benefit from the rest of the 5 remaining weeks if you have not followed up on or applied the previous lessons.

This is not a get rich journey. This is a self actualization and self awakening journey. We will together endeavor to manifest great things along the way but the greatest manifestation and benefit will be our own awakening and renewal.

Each week for the next 5 weeks we will be actualizing one subconscious dynamic at a time. The reason I say actualize is because we are going to activate and realize one of these dynamics, one at a time. We will live and work them for the next five weeks.

As mentioned earlier, this week is a half way point in our journey and it is a good time to review the past four weeks and motivate and equip ourselves for the remainder of the journey. Lets quickly recap the past four weeks.

The first and most important thing on our journey is to awaken to the truth that we need to awaken.

There is nothing more important in this world or in this existence we call life then for every human being to awaken and snap out of the current sleep, stupor and trance that is the current mode of existence on this earth. The world is full of intelligent, hard working and mostly good intentioned people. Imagine how much more happy, productive and peaceful this world would be if everyone was fully awake and expressing every facet of their true identity and purpose.

Next week, is going to be a jaw dropping and enlightening week to say the least. That's why it is important to go back and re-read and apply the previous lessons. We learned about the world of the sleeping conscious and we need to awaken to our true identity and purpose. Then we learned about the Reticular Activating System and the 5 points that will activate and energize this amazing system. Have you given your RAS something specific and exciting to lock on to? Have you set your 3 goals for this year? As mentioned earlier this is not a get rich, purely success driven or attraction and manifestation journey. It is much more than that.

The time to awaken and begin expressing our true identity and nature has come. Be prepared. This is a most illuminating and enlightening time in the history of our race. Let's reach out and embrace this most glorious, sublime and momentous time.

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