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The Greatest Dynamic

The Journey of Power continues. We are in for the adventure of our lives. Don't just read this article but also go back and read the previous ones as well.

This week we learn about the first and most powerful subconscious dynamic. This should be read in conjunction with the first article in this series. Learning about the subconscious mind just to get ideas and achieve prosperity, success and wealth is not the aim of this series of articles. There are many great books and teachers out there which you can search out for and read. This series of articles on power dynamics is about much more than that.

We are entering a new era in the human journey. The time for level one consciousness is coming to an end. Using only our brains and the subconscious mind at certain times and only by a few people is inadequate. What is even more unproductive is using these mechanisms in an un-awakened state.

The time for level one consciousness is over for this world. Whether we like it or not we are at a juncture in human history where we have to decide between two roads. Which one do we take? One is a highway to true human existence, purpose and actuality and the other one is a winding back road of bends, hardship, slavery, drowsiness, steep drops and ravines. You get the picture.

I don't know about you but I am not going to live and accept a world of sickness, disease, crime, war, hunger, bullshit, stupidity, half awake, programmed consciousness. I said in the last article that this post is going to be jaw dropping. It is meant to be confrontational and awakening. If someone was walking across the street in front of a bus oblivious to the approaching vehicle you wouldn't whisper and just click your fingers. You would yell at the top of your voice. This is a scream to humanity. Wake up. These opportunities don't come along every 10 or 20 years. This is a one in a hundred of thousands of years and maybe even million or more.

It is time to wake up.

Let's get to this weeks power journey at once without any further delay.

We are creators. We are an intelligent, highly potentialized species. I say potentialized. The potential is there. The expression of that potential is what we are going to unlock. We are not flesh and blood blobs on this planet meant to suffer wars, famine, crime, drugs, sickness, disease and a lifetime of slavery. We are an intelligent, highly evolved and potentialized race.

Subconscious Dynamic # 1

Master Creator Within

Reclaim your rightful place and authority. As mentioned in an earlier post we live in an Inverse Reality. We have people living and groping around in the dark on this planet on a daily basis, doing the same thing over and over, one generation after another. The sad truth is that we believe we are on a march to ever greater progress and evolution. The sad fact is that the complete opposite is the fate of our species. Only progress that is guaranteed in this current state of consciousness is greater intensity of wars, famine, inequality, sicknesses, diseases, crime, drugs, stress, anxiety and general unrest.

This is the first and most powerful subconscious dynamic. When you awaken to the truth that you are the creator, architect and designer of your life then you can reclaim your identity and destiny. When there is a possibility that there may exist another creator outside of ourselves then we have to invoke the principle and power of belief or faith. As I have written elsewhere these words and concepts must be eradicated from our vocabulary and tradition immediately.

When we live in the awareness and consciousness that we alone are the creators of our reality and existence then belief is irrelevant. Believing becomes unnecessary. It is a waste of time and energy. Your energy of creation becomes displaced, misplaced and directed in the wrong place, whether that be a Higher Power, god, Universe, Mind, Substance or whatever name or tag we like to give it.

We may believe in another. But, we can only know ourselves. We know. We create. We create out of that knowingness. Belief and faith become obsolete and irrelevant.

Now back to personal application and responsibility. We are to take back the controls of our own lives.

Say aloud and clear 'I have control'. This is the first and most important subconscious dynamic. Next week we will cover more of the powerhouse called the subconscious, but to ignite and fully propel the machinations of this cosmic manufacturing plant we need to take back the controls of our lives and sit firmly once again in the captains seat.

On a plane, there may be present royalty, presidents, celebrities, scientists and whomever else but the plane is under the control of only one person unless he or she gives it to someone else. This is no different to our lives. Responsibility is ours and ours alone. Responsibility and accountability for our lives doesn't rest on the royalty, presidents, politicians, scientists, teachers, academics, celebrities, judges, police or anyone else that may be on our journey through this life. The controls of destiny and creation are with us and with us only.

Once again, say aloud and clear 'I have control'. It is from this point forward that we can truly utilize and express the powerful and dynamic energies and forces that are out our disposal.

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