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Words of Power

This is the ninth week in our Ten Weeks of Power adventure. 

I keep repeating this at the beginning of new posts but if you haven't read the previous posts then I strongly encourage you to do so.  

I especially urge you to read the first two posts in this Ten Week's of Power journey that we have begun.

What is the one thing that this world needs more than anything else?

 It is Awakening. 

I am not talking about some fairy floss, fluffy, feel good stuff.

I am talking about hard core, ice cold water in your face Awakening that liberates and invigorates and most importantly restores your full existential potential and experience.   

I will have more to say on this in next week's inspiring and provocative post.

But for now, after you have read this post please go and read the first two if you haven't done so already. 

This week we are continuing from last week's workment on unleashing the words of power in our creation and manifestation process.

Following from the theme of our last post we now come to John 1:1 and there we read that in the beginning there was an Idea, a Thought.  It also states that through this Idea or Thought all things were created or manifested. 

In Genesis 1:1 we read that out of that Idea or Thought the heavens and the earth were created.

It is a spoken word, an expression of thought. But it is also much more than that. It is a command.  

Let's go to Genesis chapter one and see how it is done.

Then Elohim (gods) said, "Let there be light," and there was light.  

We have to remember that here God is referred to as Elohim, or gods. I am not going to go into hair splitting if this is referring to a plural word or singular or whatever.

Clearly there are at least 3 entities involved in the creation episodes in Genesis chapters 1 - 3. Whether there were more present is not my concern right now. 

Whatever the original setting may have been and the make up of the entities discussed here, it is important to note that it was primarily intended as a guide and model for us as the original bioversal co rulers and creators. 

Sure, these gods maybe did intend to pass down their history, biography and record to us, but I believe their main aim was to leave us a legacy. 

A legacy and a blueprint of knowledge that will eventually lead to the Awakening and restoration of our true nature and potential.

The main word we are going to focus on here is the word 'Let'. 

The Elohim, said 'Let there be light!  It is very telling that the word let is used and not some other word.

Some say the verse could also be translated 'Light be! 

Whichever way we care to translate it, I believe the word as it is intended here implies 'allowing'. 

In the last post we discusssed that the bible (or any ancient spiritual literature including myths and legends) are handbooks for human creators.  

I say human because that is the label we have given to our race or species.

Our ancients knew our true origins and potential, that is why they left us the handbooks and spiritual blueprint of knowledge in all the ancient writings through the ages. 

In the last post we read that wonderful verse 'who upholds all things by the word of his power'. 

In Genesis we read that 'the spirit of God hovered or brooded over the waters'.

This spirit is our own spirit which maintains and nourishes our imagination residing deep within our spiritual body. 

So this imagination can more properly be referred to as our spirit imagination.  

So this spirit brooded and nourished our creative spirit imagination. 

And then God said 'let there be light'. And light was.  Then our spirit man (woman), said 'Light be!'

We come back again to what was said earlier that this is not   

We have to understand that this is not describing a literal being creating a literal, solid and real world. 

This is a metaphysical and psychological setting. It is describing the manifestation and creation process that is the domain of human creators. 

This is not describing how the Universe, heaven, earth, stars, grass, animals or people came into being. 

This is giving us the DNA and blueprint of manifestation.  

It was written for us to create our own lives and worlds for our mutual habitation and enjoyment in these current ages. 

So this is talking about a creative being manifesting, expressing and objectifying his creation. 

The power was released by the word. 

It is important to understand the significance of the words used here.

We have highlighted the importance of the word 'let'.

But now let us focus on the word 'be'. 

The light was always there, in the same way all our desires, wants, needs and states are always present but not 'being' until we speak them into our current reality.

How do we release the power to make the state we desire to come into being?

We do it by the word of the power that resides inside us. 

It is our spirit, or more precisely the imagination part of our spirit which hovers and broods over our dominant idea and thought.  

It is in our imagination mixed with feelings that our desires and states are prepared.

I am not talking about feelings in the usual sense that we refer to them. 

I am taking about spirit feeling, that feeling that is done by the inner man (person) or inner spiritual being. 

We have a physical body with hands, feet, eyes, ears and mind.

In the same way we have an unseen, hidden spiritual body with hands, feet, eyes, ears and mind. 

It is with these inner senses that we partake in our imaginary workment of our goals and desires.

We imagine ourselves right in the middle of the thing we wish to manifest. 

We don't imagine the process or the 'how to' but the end result. 

If we wish to manifest a new car, we feel ourselves sitting behind the wheel of the exact car we wish to manifest.

We feel the pressure of our hands against the steering wheel, the comfort of the leather seats against our back.  

With our inner eyes we appreciate the new audio system, the air conditioning console, the GPS, the gear stick, all the while taking in the delights of the new car smell. 

It is a good idea before going into this manifestation workment to get brochures of your new car or download on your phone to know exactly what the interior of this new car looks like. 

If you are able to take it for a test drive, then all the better. 

Then you are able to go into your imaginary treatment using all your inner senses described above. 

You spend time contemplating and imagining these delights until you feel lost in your imaginary act and are in pure joy and ecstasy of experiencing your desire come true.

It may take some time to fully reach the stage of living the end result.

Then comes the time to speak the word and 'allow' the light or reality of the state we wish to manifest to appear or 'be'. 

In this case it is declaring and releasing the limitless and unfathomable force and power that has no containment or borders, yet at the same time resides in every person.  

In the same way that we direct our hand to pick up a glass and bring it to our mouth, so do we direct our Subconscious mind to allow the object of our creation to physically materialise.  It is a seamless and natural function. 

I am not speaking here about talking to the Universe or Mind or praying to god.  

Here I am talking about our own subconscious mind and supraconscious mind or spirit.

It should be this natural. 

See you in next week’s post.

It will bring the previous nine weeks posts together.

As mentioned above all the limitless and inexhaustible power lives inside everyone one of us and yet at the same time fills and occupies the infinite universe.

Further reading:

Below are some suggestions and references for further study.

Although the  beliefs in this post are my own conclusions, I have been, like everyone else inspired and influenced to some degree by the things I have read, watched or heard  along the way.

Below are my favorites.

Rev Ike:

also on youtube - search rev ike

Neville Goddard

search Neville Goddard on Internet and Youtube, also on online bookshops

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