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Why I’m obsessed with goals!

Why am I obsessed with goals? Are you obsessed with your goals? Do you even have any goals? If you don’t have any of your own goals then you are living someone else’s goals. It’s as simple as that. Get your own dreams & goals. Live your own dreams & goals. You think you’re living your own dreams & goals? Really? When you wake up tomorrow & go about your day I would love to be there in your head & whisper that same question again? I want to ask you right then & there ‘Whose goal are you living right now?’ I think for most people the answer would be ‘I don’t frickin know what I’m doing here and let alone whose goal I’m frickin chasing’ When we think of goals we think of those frickin self help or business books where goals are beaten to buggery with no hope of safe return. I want to make the bugger sexy again. I want you to become so infatuated with goals that you will chase them to the ends of the earth. I want you to see that goals are not for the self growth or success crowd. Actually they (and I’m one of them) probably need to hear this the most. But so do you! Don’t think you can get away with it that frickin easy. Don’t stop now. You need to hear this shit & hear it told the way it should be told. No icing sugar on it. No wading through the frickin fairy floss to get to the real stuff you need to hear. Not into self growth? Not into the success shit? Not into personal transformation? I don’t give a shit if you’re into it or out of it you still need to hear this. Stop living someone else’s goals & dreams. Most of us wouldn’t recognise a goal if we tripped over it arse over head. If you’re not actively thinking about what goals you should be setting, and then purposefully actually setting the goal or goals all the time, then you are doing no more than thinking about what food or drink you will be putting in your mouth the next time you eat. Or worse than that what you will be watching on tv tonight. Stop that shit! Who am I to talk to you like that? Well to kick things off, how about a friend? How about a coach? You don’t like what I’m saying or the way I’m saying it? Well don’t read any further. Go and do some other shit. But if you want to keep going, then listen up. All of us need to hear this & live this shit. Time for walking around like Sleepy from the kids fairy tales is over. We need to stop walking around in a trance day after day after day. Yeah but what I’m doing is important. So is shitting. Wake up. Live your own frickin dream. Live your own frickin goal. Are you really doing what you deeply, secretly, passionately would love to do. Do you even know what that is? Well, you won’t frickin know if you’re chasing after someone else’s dream. You won’t know if you’re working your arse off to build someone else’s castle (in reality & figuratively). Yeah, but Jack you do know that we can’t all be dreamers & dream builders. Someone has to do the work. We can’t all be magnates, business moguls, executives, entrepreneurs, industrialists & investors. That’s bullshit! & you know it if you stop for even a second to think about it. Stop telling yourself that crap. And better still, stop believing that crap! You are a frickin executive. You are a dream builder. You are an entrepreneur. You are a magnate. That is never the issue. The question I want to ask you again is - whose dream are you building? Whose goal are you working your ass to achieve? Enough said! Do you have a goal? Are you working on it? Are you building your own frickin empire or someone else’s? Yes, a frickin empire! Why frickin not? There’s enough resources, time & energy for all of us to have our own humongous empires. (No, I had no intention of saying little empires!) Fuck it, you need to hear the real shit. I need to hear it. We all need to hear it! No more bullshit. Go & build your fucking empire. Whatever that means to you. What are you waiting for? 

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