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Feed your dreams!

To achieve significant & massive goals you must feed those goals every day without fail. You may be a bit surprised I didn’t say feed your mind every day. Yes that too. We are told to feed our minds regularly with positive, uplifting thoughts. That is great advice. But to really smash your goals & dreams out of the park you need to feed them specifically. You need to nourish them individually. If you are just after general well-being & health you would focus on a well balanced & nutritious diet. But if your intention is to train for the next marathon or national swimming titles you would naturally look to optimise your nutritional & diet intake. It is no different with goals. One of the reasons most people don’t achieve their goals is because they are not well fed & fit to achieve their goals. They get tired, weak, frustrated & disillusioned too quickly. Feeding your mind with generally positive thoughts & material is great if you want to have the strength & stamina to get through your day & get through it with a half decent positive outlook. But if you want to change your life from where you are now & what you have now to something more desirable & exciting then you will need to feed your mind & in turn your goals & dreams with definite, precise power packed nutrients. You don’t want just enough motivation, power & will just to get through your day a little bit more positively & enthusiastically then everyone else. You have goals. You have dreams. You have set the bar much higher. Now it’s time to feed your mind with the best. Now it’s time to feed your goals & dreams with the best. What you put in your conscious mind will find its way to your subconscious mind. Be alert. Be fully conscious. The reason millions of people are doing the same things, experiencing the same things over & over, in most cases unhappy with their lot is because that is what is in their consciousness. There are no power thoughts there, there are no dynamic thoughts there filling their consciousness. And in turn there are no powerful & dynamic thoughts there filling their subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is a powerhouse. I like to call it your miracle factory. Your engine room. Your manufacturing plant where your life is made to order. Unfortunately for most people the products that come out are low quality, second rate & unfulfilling. Feed your engine room with the best fuels. Focus your conscious mind on only the best material for your goals. Let your conscious mind be filled with your goals, dreams & desires all day long. Fill your consciousness with them. It is out of your consciousness that your reality is formed. Fill your consciousness with what you want your reality to look like. But I have things to do, things to think about, things to worry about & things to take care of. That is what you will keep having if that is all you are thinking about & filling your consciousness with. Instead, fill your mind with your goals & dreams. Fire up your creative engine room that is your marvellous subconscious mind. Most of the thoughts we think aren’t really our thoughts, they are not what we can call our own original thoughts. They are not our own original ideas. They are triggered or directly given to us by outside sources such as people we interact with, things we see or on TV or other media & a myriad of other things we come across in our daily lives. Think your own thoughts. Originate your own ideas. This may come as a shock or surprise to hear that the things that come into our consciousness may not be our own but it’s true. Most of us live our lives on auto pilot, going through the motions. Thinking the same thoughts, performing the same actions. And those same thoughts & actions performed day after day produce the same results! If you are not happy or satisfied with your current reality then stop feeding it! Feed your dreams instead! Fuel your goals instead! Align your thoughts with your dreams! Align your thoughts with your goals! 

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