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Dynamic Goals

I admire goal setters. I get inspired when these same goal setters reach their goals. I love inspiring people to set goals. 

But not just any goals.

I love inspiring people to set their own goals. You need to set goals that are your own. The goals that we sometimes think are our own are really someone else’s and have nothing to do with what we really want or desire. 

What do I mean by this? 

I simply mean that our goals are usually inspired, motivated & directed by someone or something else whether that be family, friends, television, radio, internet, print media or any other form of publication, information or communication source. This can be inspired in us consciously or subconsciously. Advertising, movies, TV shows, internet sources just to mention a few usually dictates what goals we set for ourselves whether intentionally or unintentionally.  We want certain careers, fashion, cars, holidays, partners, friends, homes because they are the ones we think we want. But usually when we get them we find out that these things or people still leave us unfulfilled & we still want something more deeply satisfying. 

There is nothing wrong with desiring & setting goals that are inspired by other people or even the media & society if they are in alignment with our true inner being & character. But usually people go along with the societies, media’s or even their families influence or persuasion. 

Take just as an example, someone wants to be a doctor or pilot because they think it would be a respected, admired or glamorous job or because that is the profession that had been in their family as long as anyone can remember. 

But is it really what that person really wants? 

Or maybe someone setting a goal to go to university & get a degree because their friends are doing it or their family wants them to? The best goals are your own goals, born from within. They have been inside you for a long time, most are part of your very being. 

They are you. 

You cannot be happy living someone else’s dreams. 

You cannot be happy when you are not you. 

Your dreams, goals & desires need to be you. They need to reflect you. 

Or else you are playing the part of someone else, living out someone else’s dreams & goals. Do you have a goal or dream you are currently working on. Great! 

Goals are fantastic to have & work towards. 

If you don’t have one then think about setting one or more. But keep in mind what we have just been discussing. I encourage you to always set goals, focus on them, be persistent & never give up on them. 

You may find along the way that you may tweak your strategy or even the nature of the goal itself but that’s fine. You only find that out once you set off, leave the safety & comfort of the shore & set sail on your adventure to achieve your goals. Be a goal setter. Be a goal kicker. Setting goals shows the world, & most importantly it shows you that you are in control of your life. Goals are important. Goals are powerful. Goals can be invigorating, challenging & life changing if we allow them to be. But the most satisfying, fulfilling & potent goals are the ones that are our own!

Let your goals be you, let them reflect you, let them satisfy you. 

Then you will truly be the captain & master of your life. 

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