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Fusion of the spirit

We were born babies in human form. We grew up physically, mentally, and emotionally. But as a spirit that occupied that human form we were not a baby. You didn’t grow into a spiritual toddler. You didn’t then grow into a spiritual child and then into a spiritual teenager. You didn’t then grow into a mature spiritual being. Your spirit took the form of a new entity, it took on a human form. But it wasn’t a different entity or a different form, just what we may call putting on a new coat. Your spirit is timeless, eternal, limitless, infinite, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, aseitates, transcendent, almighty, immutable, self sufficient, sovereign. These are just some of the qualities and attributes of our spirits. Now, having read the above qualities, do you think they have any semblance to the human species now roaming this planet. Who would you most likely attribute them to, or to whom have you heard or read about the above qualities been attributed to? Definitely not to the human species. Divine, supernatural, spiritual, god like species and entities definitely. Humans, hardly. Our spirits are meant to express themselves through our human bodies. We all came with a unique purpose to fulfil. A unique mission and tasks to perform if you like. And we were more than equipped for that task. But we have been distracted from that task and mission by being trapped in a mostly one dimensional life. It is like someone being sent on a duty or operation and somewhere along the way they have been caught, hijacked and stripped of their true identities and powers. Stripped of their tools, instruments, equipment, energy and powers. Imagine an elite squad of soldiers or police sent on a mission, equipped with the most advanced weapons and equipment but before they arrive at their target location they are caught, stripped of their advanced tools and equipment that they require to successfully carry out their mission and assignment. Not only are they stripped of their ultra advanced equipment and weapons but they are also blinded to their true purpose and mission. Thus blinded and disoriented to their true goals and targets they are left to spend the rest of the time in that target location distracted, puzzled and disorganised. Now, we as an entity are one. Spirit, soul and body. A trinity. Triune entity in one. Well, then if our spirit is timeless, eternal, limitless, infinite, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, aseitates, transcendent, almighty, immutable, self sufficient, sovereign - then why are we living so sub-par to our true potential and reality? It’s because our spirits express themselves only to the level and plane of our human dimension, that is body (physiology), mind (brain & subconscious mind). It’s a complex study but let’s keep it simple and keep going.

You have probably heard or read somewhere that we are special & engineered for greatness & success. Well, special we all are & indeed are engineered for greatness & success.

But just like a super performance car or any other highly efficient & powerful machine if there are some parts missing or not tuned & synchronised optimally then it will not perform at it’s original blueprint & design objective. Otherwise we’d all be living happily ever after (and not to mention in the here and now). But of course that is not the reality for the majority of us trudging through this beautiful blue planet. Life for most people seems, feels and resembles anything but engineered for greatness and success. Yes, but everyone can reach greatness, success and immortality if they just pull themselves up by their bootstraps, stop whining and complaining and get excited, find an opportunity, work hard (and the harder the better). Really? That is the preferred and noble way, we all know that, don’t we? And if you don’t, you really should get your act together and know this stuff. Really? We can all do it? The gates to opportunity, freedom, self determination are wide open for all? Well, I can imagine at least six plus billion other people on this beautiful green earth not so quick to agree. Let’s get back to what I was saying at the beginning. We were born as babies. Wow, what a revelation! Stay with me. Human babies, yes. Spiritual babies, no. Mature, spiritual entities definitely. What happened? Well, as said previously we can only express our spiritual knowledge, powers and reality to the extent that the other two aspects of our triune nature are liberated and ready. It’s quite that simple. Some of us can reach and achieve awe inspiring and sometimes mind boggling heights of success and achievement that brings immense blessings and benefits to the human race using our one dimensional nature but usually it takes the reliance on the second aspect of our nature, whether intentionally or unconsciously. What about the rest? Well, the simple fact is that the majority will never reach anything close to their potential. Why? Because as stated earlier, life as currently experienced by the majority on this beautiful green earth is not optimally tuned & synchronised to the originally engineered specifications.  People enter this world with their true nature, potential and powers locked up and hidden. As stated earlier our spirit can only express itself to the extent that the other two dimensions of our nature are unlocked and liberated. And if our conscious mind is blinded and deflected so that we aren’t aligned and one with our spirit then we will as a species continue to muddle, fuddle, fiddle through life from cradle to grave. Go to school for twelve to eighteen years, then work forty to fifty years, then ‘enjoy’ golden retirement for five to seven years. A true recipe for a delicious life. The life, vigour, impulse, wisdom, power and energy of our spirits is meant to be flowing through our bodies and minds, flooding our existence with perpetual health, peace, love, vitality, vigour, pleasure, contentment, achievement and satisfaction. I have read that as much as 90% of our DNA is useless and may be baggage built up over years of evolution. I disagree. It is not useless. And it is definitely not ‘baggage’ built up over years of evolution! It is locked up, switched off, closed, sealed, fastened and padlocked. So much for engineered for greatness and success! Well, be that as it may, we are triune in nature and eternal. Our true nature is greatness and success itself. A short circuit may frustrate or impede the flow of power but it does not take away from the original potential or purpose of the device, appliance or source. So, there is a short circuit. Our powers, ability, potential and full functionality may be frustrated and impeded but our true nature is intact and eternal. Just as our physical nature is expressed through our bodies and it’s physiology so our spiritual nature is eager and yearning to be expressed through it’s body and physiology. Just as we have physical organs we have spiritual organs. Just as we have physical body parts we have spiritual body parts. In the same way our body expresses and functions through our hands, feet, eyes, nose and ears so does our spiritual body. In the same way our brain and nervous system are sensitive, conscious and interact with our environment so are our spirits. But our spirit is unseen. If we could see, observe and perceive it we would be looking at a spiritual entity with spiritual parts and organs mirroring that of our human form. It can only be this way. Our spirit is part of our triune make up. It is meant to express itself through our lives in the same way that our body expresses itself. It is meant to express itself in the same way our minds and intellect expresses itself. It is meant to express it’s emotions, feelings, perception, judgment and knowledge in the same way our soul expresses itself. My greatest desire is to see people allow their spirits to cross over the unseen and sealed barrier and infuse their bodies, minds and souls. The time has come to leave behind the one dimensional reality we are trapped & distracted inside & clothe ourselves with our full nature, personality & identity. The first step is to be made aware of this dynamic truth. Reading this post is an excellent start. The second step is to allow this reality to light a spark in your self, to trigger & provoke a life changing moment in your life. It is like the little spark plugs in our cars, but look at the power & energy they can initiate & produce. It is the same with us, all it takes is a spark to ignite the incredible latent energy, potential & possibilities in our lives. Our true & full potential can only be released when we allow the fusion of our body (includes brain), mind (includes, subconscious mind, soul or personality) & our spirits. Light the spark in your very being, the essence of your self & watch a seemingly new, although a currently latent & untapped potential, power & personality become unleashed. All it takes on our part is a conscious acceptance & allowing for this great ability & reality to be released. The spirit can only release it’s power & incredible potential to the extent that our other two natures (mind & soul or psyche) are ready. Become ready! Be ready! It is time to put on & start using the full array of the advanced, powerful & dynamic tools & resources available to us once we assimilate & align to our true nature. You know I am reminded of a very funny but poignant moment in the comedy movie City Slickers. The character Curly played by Jack Palance turns to Billy Crystal who plays the city slicker Mitch Robbins and asks him ‘Do you know what the secret of life is?’ Mitch says ‘No, what?’ Curly points his index finger at Mitch and says ‘This’. ‘One thing, just one thing!’ ‘You stick to that, and all else means nothin’ Mitch then says ‘That’s great, but what’s the one thing?’ Curly answers ‘That’s what you gotta figure out!’ Image credit: This is my own photo which I took on my recent holiday to Perth

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