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Life Coaching

Life Coaching Most of us have heard about life coaching, & to some people it may appear to be something that has come on the scene very recently & some people may not understand what life coaching is & what a life coach really does. 

One person's idea of what a life coach stands for may be completely different to what another person may think life coaching involves. I'll give you a very brief history of life coaching & you may research it further if you wish & I will give you a couple of places to start on that journey of study. Most of us when we first hear the term life coaching might bring up in our minds a picture of a sports coach such as a coach on the football or athletics field. An American financial planner Thomas Leonard is generally recognised as the first person to advance & establish life coaching as a profession in the 1980's. Basically, Leonard concluded that his clients were looking for more than just financial advice & that they were seeking help in planning & meeting their personal & professional goals. Over time, Thomas Leonard's career moved away from financial planning to establishing & refining techniques that were to become his coaching methods. In the early 1990's he established the first formal coach training course. He called it Coach University, also known as Coach U. It is recognised as the world's first coach training school. It still operates and you can find more information about it and it's founder at it's website, which I have included below. What is Life Coaching? In simplest terms I see life coaching as the coach taking their client from where they are to where they want to be. It is guiding the coaching client to assess where they are now, clarify where they want to be, do or have in the future, identify limiting beliefs & any other blockages that may be in the way to them achieving their goal. Then the coach assists the client in devising an action plan to achieve the desired outcome. The coach also holds the client accountable to the action plan to ensure that the client achieves their goal. So there you have it, a very brief history of life coaching & the life coaching process. If you would like any further information I have included below a couple of websites that you may find helpful if you wish to find more about the history of life coaching. Further reading: 

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