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Commitment! Success! Period!

There is a well known and often cited story in most success and motivation literature about a general who is stranded on an island with his army and surrounded by the enemy troops. The general orders his army to go and burn the ships that they arrived on. The ships, their only hope of return to their homeland are totally destroyed. One of their major resources is no longer available. Success is never easy. Success is never cheap. Success and victory should never be an option! Success is compulsory. It is mandatory. Winning is not an option. Success is not something that would be nice to have or achieve. Difficulties. Hardships. Obstacles. Lack of funds. Lack of resources. Listen. Success is not an option. It is an absolute must. Like the army left to their own means of victory and success, we have to paint ourselves into a corner. As the great Tony Robbins once said ‘resources are never the problem, it’s the lack of resourcefulness why you have failed’. Failure is not an option. Success is not an option. Stop thinking of options. There are no options. There is commitment. There is success. Burn your boats. Stop relying so much on resources. As Tony Robbins said ‘resourcefulness is the ultimate resource’. 

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