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My ‘Book of the Week’

This week I am extremely excited to be reading my ‘Book of the Week’ by Dr Frederick Eikerenkoetter. It may be purchased online from the Book Depository with free shipping anywhere in the world. I have no affiliations with the author or this organisation. Just excellent value & service. An excerpt: ‘A few times, I have caught myself standing in an elevator with the door closed. Then all of a sudden, when it's about time for me to be at the floor that I wanted, I realize that I haven't gone anywhere. I discovered I hadn't gone anywhere because I had not pushed the button. I had not defined and declared where I wanted to go! What a great example I think that is! You know, some people are the same way in the elevator of life. They are just standing there saying, "Now elevator of life, take me wherever you want to take me." If you just stand there and are not specific, if you do not push the button that you want, then other people's pushing will take you different places. And many times you'll find yourself where you don't want to be!’ Image Credit: 

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